Digital Nomad Landing Kit The Digital Nomad Landing Kit provides you with everything you need upon landing, including motorbike, simcard, toiletries, insurance, and snacks. Learn more. Fountain Fountain’s goal is decentralised aggregation of everyone’s knowledge. Learn more. Mood Journal for Apple Watch Within 15 seconds take note of your internal state to gain better insights & treatment. Learn more. Metagora The Metagora is a vision for the future shape of socio-personal technologies. Learn more. Interconnect See the webcam feeds of your coworkers on your desktop in floating windows, click them to have conversations or leave a video message. Learn more. Tithe Tithe enables everyone to invest in each other. Each investor earns 10% of all future investment. Learn more. Bevry Engineering Use this category for posting issues (problems, suggestions, support) or discussions related to Bevry’s software. JBP Community Discussions surrounding the ongoing maintenance of the Jordan B Peterson Community.
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Get the lectures, lecture notes, and transcripts on the JBP Community Website 3 October 1, 2019
About the Projects category 1 March 5, 2018
Get JBP's lecture transcripts and inject them into their appropriate forum topics 11 February 2, 2019
Some projects I've done 4 December 2, 2018
Create a Discourse Plugin to hyperlink timestamps in video threads 1 October 6, 2018
Making the YouTube Channel available as Audio and Video Podcasts 2 August 9, 2018
JBP Community Website 2 August 3, 2018
Moving Lectures Notes and Meeting Notes into the forum [completed] 4 August 3, 2018
Roadmap for the JBP Community 7 June 17, 2018