2019-07-07: Awakening from the Meaning Crises #05

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0, what we find saliant or relevant is closely bound to what we find true or real. That what is transformative of us, and what is true of the world is meant to be held together.
2, definition of sacred is something with an inexhaustable fountain that is transformative of us.
4, The hebrews gave a historical analysis of the two-world hypothesis, moving towards the ideal-world. Plato is instead giving a ‘scientific’ answer, following the natural-philosophers.
5, plato was the first cognitive psychologist, and his work is still relevant right now.
7, Dieting has a 95% recidivism rate. (almost like playing the lottery, or an indication that people are being bullshitted)
12, The reasoning faculty that cares about truth/falsity, and the appetitive faculty that cares about pleasure/pain.
14, the lower parts is what makes things salient to us, the higher that which makes us understand.
—two worlds of Being and Becoming.
13, flow state is the orchestration between short and long term goals and rewards
14, shame is the loss of the capacity to gain respect from your peers, NOT an emotional state.
15, the lion who cares about honor and shame. Respect from ones peers. Neither short nor long term, but shared goals/experience.
–plato saw how these three needed to come into alignment
–what is discounting? 23 mins
49 myth is not about the past it’s about what is happening with you right here and right now

Ben’s commentary: