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Fountain’s goal is decentralised aggregation of everyone’s knowledge. Learn more.

Fountain is divided into two components:

  • Fountain Network is decentralised aggregation of everyone’s knowledge from the information silos which they exist. Importation results in transcription (of text and entities), interactivity (notes, highlights, responses), discovery (searchable transcripts, human and automated curations, profile browsing), and synoptical consumption (consume content across locations, consume portions of overall content).

  • Fountain Integrations work with existing knowledge applications (voice memo recording software, ebook reading software) and mediums (youtube, podcasts, ebooks) to easily onboard the knowledge from within and expose it to the fountain network.

Fountain accomplishes the ability to make collaborative notes, highlights, and responses to text, audio and video content. The audience of a video / podcast / book, will be able to add timestamped notes, and overall notes, and responses. Responses would also be indexed. The use cases are: watch/read only the top 1-10% of a piece of content, or the top 10 minutes, or just the content related to X topic. Content can be aggregated from multiple original sources together into a combined playlist. View someone’s profile to find all their content across multiple sources, and the top highlights, notes, and responses. Goal is to make written and spoken knowledge interactive and collaborative again, rather than purely consumptive. The side effect of this will be a restoration of authenticity and transparency, as currently media on the web is highly edited and fabricated, whereas this would encourage making more and more conversations public as one’s profile would get bigger and bigger showcasing more and more authenticity and transparency.l as the restoration of old “boring” content, like the great books, into new mediums of video responses and podcast audio, for the modern attention-deficit world — approach would be to have Fountain be the repository of everything, then build integrations with various apps (such as voice memo apps like Just Press Record, and meeting apps like Skype) where an option will be presented to upload the content to the Fountain to make it transcribed and interactive. Fountain could replace traditional philosophy degrees and tuition, as one could consume the top content (highlights, quotes, responses) of the top 100 philosophy books or lectures all in one place, in a time span that suites them (top 10% at 2x speed or in 20 minutes), and as they listen, they can make their own indexed notes and responses.

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