About Tithe

Tithe enables everyone to invest in each other. Each investor earns 10% of all future investment. Learn more.

Individuals setup a wallet, which any input automatically distributes 10% to all previous senders proportional to their prior input into the wallet.

Individuals, such as creators, can receive donations, or even their salary in this form, allowing for employers and individuals to invest in their perceived potential of a creator, receiving a cutback for their investment in the individual’s future success.

Individuals are incentivised for putting their income into the Tithe Wallet, as it incentivises future donations.

Patrons and Investors are incentivised to put their donation into the creator’s Tithe Wallet, as the earlier they do so, the more lifetime rewards they will accrue.

This incentive-return structure breaks down the need to assimilate into companies, as people can invest in individuals directly, an “employer” can pay one’s salary as investment into that employee, and a product’s user can invest in the people behind the project, furthering the success of the project, and furthering their own return.

The more one helps each other become successful, the more return on investment they gain.

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Interesting ideas! There’s something with a little bit of overlap that I came across, and it really captured my imagination: relationaltithe dot com

The idea is to create a way of sharing resources that has a side-effect of building and strengthening relationships, rather than simply making a monetary transaction. So people form a group, and dedicate a small percentage of their income, as they are able. Then when someone in the group, or someone known to the group has need (eg. maybe a friend-of-a-friend is struggling) they can decide to do something good with what they’ve set aside.

And beyond the immediate benefit of helping someone out with some $$, it also gives people a great way to learn new patterns of community and co-dependency, which is increasingly rare and difficult in our world.

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