Bounty Services

(Benjamin Lupton) #1

The following services can be used to fund issues that you care about to incentivise their accomplishment in a timely manner.

If the issue is unresolved, you can use these to fund and incentivise it:

If the issue is already resolved, you can use these to credit and incentivise the developers who accomplished it:

If you are working on an issue, you can post the following to encourage a bounty for it:

Posting a bounty on this issue will incentivise its accomplishment sooner:

Or this longer version:

I am currently preoccupied with tasks that have revenue potential as my finances have depleted, so FOSS issues have been pushed to the backburner. If you want to speed them up on my queue, then consider making them a paid task by posting a bounty, as currently I earn less than $1/day from my open-source work, so it cannot be a priority. Details for posting a bounty on this issue to incentivise its accomplishment sooner can be found here: