Guide for Hosts

This document is for the hosts of the Bevry to assist in management of the community.

Podcast Session

  1. To login to youtube as “Bevry” sign into using your email

    1. Click your avatar up the top right
    2. In the dropdown menu select “Switch Account”
    3. Select “Bevry”
  2. To setup the next event go to

    1. Time Zone

      Iceland - Reykjavik (they are UTC all year round as they have no DST, unlike London)

    2. Advanced Settings

      1. License

        Creative Commons Attribution License

      2. Capital certification

        This content has never aired on television

      3. Video language


  3. Make sure before the event to have an agenda inside the topic for the meeting inside #meetings

  4. To go live for the event by going to and clicking “Start Hangout on Air” on the appropriate event

    1. Share links

      1. Share the join link to #meetings on discord
      2. Share the watch link to #meetings and twitter accounts of Bevry via
  5. Going LIVE

    1. While in the call but before going live
      1. Inform participants of privacy of other members
      2. Inform participants to strictly mute their microphones when not speaking to improve the audio quality for the listeners
      3. Pop out comments from the youtube page of the event
    2. Go live by clicking “Start Broadcast” button inside the cal
    4. Once live do an introduction for people who do not yet know of the study group to entice them into participating
      1. Welcome to this discussion with Bevry, we are an open team to facilitate collaborative wisdom, and every week hold a study group to discuss philosophy (to identify the best rules of the game), projects (to facilitate the best rules of the game), and praxis (to assist living each day to the best rules).
      2. You can find many more details on our website at bevry [dot] me
      3. This episode, we are discussing … it will be valuable to you if …
      4. If you the viewer are watching live, then participate in the comments and we will answer your questions, otherwise watching at 2x speed will be good.
      5. I am joined here today by … and …
      6. Ok let’s begin. Let’s first discuss an outline of what we will discuss.
  6. Once done

    1. Do an outro that covers the same as the intro above
    2. Then click “Stop Broadcast” button, wait for it to complete, then close the window by pressing the “hangup / leave call” button
    3. Do it in that order, otherwise the recording could corrupt
    4. Once the broadcast has “Stop Broadcast” has successfully stopped, the call will continue, and you can have a non-public chat with them again - make sure to end via the “hangup / leave call” button