Official Chat Rooms

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We are currently experimenting with Discord as our official chat server. Our other chat solutions are no longer offered.


IRC is always where devs default to, so we have to support it.

Slack is the new standard with Gitter being pretty cool too. Our Gitter has had minimal use. Many people use and are moving to Slack as a chat platform for work. As I suggested in the Slack thread, we can possibly author/find a script that adds users to our room upon signing up at or added when signing up from the terminal when running docpad run for this first time (as the prompt asks them if they want to be added to the mailing list at this time as well).


We’ve ended up moving to Slack. Plenty of integrations, beautiful cross-platform support, and good experience for pros and newbies.

Details on the latest offerings can be found here: Official Bevry Support Channels