Personality Lecture #4-5

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Discussion thread for Personality and Its Transformations - Lecture #4-5

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Discussion as part of our Jordan B Peterson Study Group.

2017-07-22: Personality #4-5, #6
2017-07-15: Personality #4-5
(Benjamin Lupton) #2

my notes

  • 06:00 - you need commonalities, otherwise you need to explain everything - humans have many commonalities, hence why we don’t need to explain many predicates of being human (love, anger, jealousy, etc) - those who act out the roles as the victor in those standard narratives, are those who become the victors in life - participating in these meta-narratives drive success

  • 20:00 - martial arts - we train you not to be cruel, but how to be cruel when you need to be cruel - that is strength

  • 21:00 - the human shadow is all the things about yourself that you don’t want to realise - which is your own gateway to hell - and when encountered, it is very difficult to keep under control

  • 22:00 - wisdom is not achieved through happiness, it is from facing the things you least want to face

  • 23:00 - the knights of the round table, to find the holy grail, they each went into the corner of the forest that each considered darkest

  • 23:00 - things of you are underdeveloped because they haven’t been given the attention they need to grow, because you don’t want to look at them, because you don’t want to acknowledge them

  • 23:00 - approximations of the unifying story within each of us, is the mythical, and the more perfect of an abstraction, the less relatable it becomes, as it removes the flaws of ourselves, which is the precondition of the human being, as the flaws connect our individual experience to the mythical experiences of others

  • 26:00 - you can tell an evil tyrant story about a culture easy, but it forgets all the good, and is stemmed from lack of gratitude and resentment, and is ignorant

  • 27:00 - peter pan

  • 29:00 - potential sacrifices itself if not used in time - who the hell wants a 40 year-old embodying a 6-year-old so you might as well become flawed but actualised potential, rather than avoiding it all together

  • 30:00 - informers in soviet russia, lenin -> stalin, the tyrannical element of the great father (old-testament god)

  • 38:00 - fascinated by the unknown

    • << perhaps by mystery - blue velvet is like this, with the affair, and his intoxication with the mystery, then when it becomes too much (he gets bitten), he gets the appropriate help >>

    • the predator is the destructive aspects of the other tribe, the worst of all predators, is the human capacity for evil, at which point we conceptualise danger into something psychological

    • one of the things humans had to figure out, was how to face danger, then we figured out how to abstract it into a meta category of dangerous things, then we could solve them all at once

    • the hero story, is when a community is threatened by an old evil, and a knight comes along and chases the evil, and on his way he has adventures that transforms him from useless and naive into a hero, and slays the dragon, and comes back transformed and shared what he learned with the community

  • 44:00 - simba was the king of everything that the light touches, and where the darkness was were danger and chaos existed, simba confronted the chaos but got bitten and required the protection of society to bail him out, but then society failed, and chaos took over, and he had to strengthen up

  • 45:00 - curiosity wins over forbidden fruits

  • 52:32 - slide of the unknown - nature, the great mother, the object to be fertilised

  • 55:40 - slide of hell

  • 55:00 - we all have a sense of what is wrong in our lives, it is better to correct it early, before it becomes something that knocks you out for 4 years

  • 56:00 - the word “down” is archetypical

  • 57:13 - slide of threat itself (kelly) - how to do deal with threat, what is the best way to be in the world to deal with threat, to deal with something, you gotta be able to conceptualise it

  • 1:00:00 - sacrifice is sacrificing today’s pleasures for tomorrow’s advantage - you have to give threat what it wants, otherwise it will crush you if you don’t, and if you do, it will smile on you, and you’ll have a good life - we discovered the future, and it was a place you can bargain with, how do you bargain with the future? you give it what it wants - if you make the right sacrifices, kelly/threat/storm turns into mother nature and nurtures you

  • 1:03:00 - slide of known and unknown, ying and yang - what you know can turn into what you don’t know instantaneously - etc. when your dreams fall apart, or someone dies, etc

  • 1:06:00 - you bite off as much as you can chew, but nothing more - and you will strengthen what builds the world, as you live on the edge between chaos and structure, and can mend them together with communication - the brain hemisphere’s do this

  • 1:10:00 - we are adapted to the meta-reality, that which remains constant across the spans of time

    • << it makes me think that things like yin-yang, external realities, are all tied to Darwinian themes, that we couldn’t come up with yin-yang, if there wasn’t a biological driver for it… >>
  • 1:12:21 - exploring is combination of conscientiousness, openness, and extraversion - you are optimally balanced when you are listening to an interesting conversation, because both of what you know is changing - or when you are listening to a piece of music, that transforms just the right amount from chaos and order, and with a narrative of a particular emotion or theme or other meaning

  • 1:15:00 - it is through fantasy that we first encounter the unknown - “animas” is what a man projects onto a woman he finds desirable - marriage - _anima - feminine, animus - masculine _

  • 1:18:00 - openness is a like a tree, and your most prominent aspects is your most lively trunk - and if you are a creative person, and you are not creating, you are dying

  • 1:24:00 - you have to be brutal to be useful in the face of your parents death (the death of the culture that raised you)

    • << Janusz Korwin-Mikke >>

    • do you want to be useful in the face of tragedy, or do you want to be pathetic

  • 1:26:44 - slide of the knower and the sun

  • 1:27:48 - slide of the masculine/paternal and feminine/maternal

    • << feminists aren’t just denigrating the maternal, they are trying to bring the maternal into the workplace to treat adults as children, rather than having their own children they take care of >>
  • 1:28:35 - slide of horus and seth

  • 1:29:07 - slide psychopathology, cosmogonic - your potential is all the things you could be, that you aren’t

  • 1:31:40 - slide

  • 1:32:29 - slide

  • 1:33:59 - slide - william james “pure experience” is an experience that can be more than it is - nitrous oxide

  • 1:35:09 - slide - slide - slide - paradise lost, paradise found, redemption - slide “creative illness” << this doesn’t seem a bad thing, every single company that has changed the world, had founders going through this >>

  • **_1:44:00 - _**what could you do? - that is a leading question, it implies there is something you can do to change the situation - he has strengthened himself and his character - it leads change - it construes yourself as that which can prevail

  • 1:45:00 - Lecture 5

  • 1:45:00 - You have to be awake if you are anxious. Anxiety makes you alert.

  • 1:49:00 - Human beings because they discovered the future - a big mistake, as the future is an uncertain place - we realise there isn’t any threat right now, but there may be some tomorrow or next year, but it is coming! - out of the category of danger, emerges different threats, and the dragon is a symbol of the ever-present threat of physical-and-meta predators

  • 1:52:00 - nature initialises women by and in of itself, society must initiate men - in a cave, you must conquer the demons in your own imagination - to recast them, and put yourself back together - the first step to individualisation, the discovery of yourself, is to accept your shadow, it is how you are attached to the archetype of evil - most people these days are so damn naive they can’t even comprehend actual evil

  • 1:56:00 - there isn’t perpetrators and victims - the horror and noble elements of humanity are all aspects of your being - the pathway to making yourself better, is the pathway through your own internal hell - if you are resentful about something, it means you need to either grow the hell up and accept your responsibility, or you are oppressed and you have something to say or do to free yourself from oppression - it is easier to just not to say anything, it protects you in the short term, but it can crush you, and turn into revenge

  • 1:58:00 - shooting kids in schools

    • << or bashing perceived ideological opponents unconscious in antifa rallies >>
  • 1:59:00 - you should go after the unknown, you shouldn’t protect what you know, you already know what you know, you must talk with people you disagree with, as otherwise it will keep you stupid, and if you are not wise, the world will wallop you more than it has to - and you will be against the walloping - you must step forward, and go after it early when it is still manageable, during the initial stages of that bullying, when it is still in its developing stages - you must be ready to speak and say what you have to say, on a moments notice - if we make mistakes once, we can write it off as people make mistakes, if it happens a second time, take notice, if it happens a third time, take action

  • 2:02:00 - constructivism

    • << seems reasonable >>
  • 2:05:00 - people see only slices of other people, as they cannot possibly see everything

    • << buddhist practice of seeing people dead, or without skin >>
  • 2:06:00 - psychoanalysts break overwhelming big problems that you are afraid of, into micro-problems that you have a reasonable chance of getting over

  • 2:11:00

    • << you should aim to be bored of that which offends you, as then you are not afraid of it, and you can move past it to more productive things >>
  • 2:13:00

    • << they cower behind code of conducts that protect their adolescence >>

    • you are not as much of a rabbit as you think, you help them grow some teeth, so they can have that fight with their husband that they should have had 20 years ago

    • abusers will marry those which are afraid of their own shadow, as it means they will never leave

    • you don’t make someone less afraid, you make them braver - brave is alert and able to cope, naive is there is no danger

  • 2:16:00

    • << merlin; you must be brave against your shadow to control it appropriately, to be scared of your shadow it will control you to become a tyrant >>

    • too damn useless to be attractive to anyone, if everyone rejects you, there is probably something deeply wrong that will be very difficult to address

  • 2:20:00 - there is a category of “problems in life” and that category will never go away, so you need to be able to deal with the entire category, so be able to deal with its problems at the same time, and withstand - otherwise you will fall

  • 2:21:00 - if your ancestors were stupid, we wouldn’t be here! - they lived under harsher conditions than we do, back then, we would have lasted 15 minutes, you don’t want to be thinking of your ancestors as stupid

  • 2:21:00 - you make sacrifices in the present so the future is better - you can bargain with reality, you can forestall gratification now, and it will pay off in a time that doesn’t even exist yet

  • 2:23:00 - I’m not a fan of moral relativism, partly because I think it is an extreme form of cowardice

  • 2:26:09 - slide

  • 2:26:20 - slide

  • 2:26:35 - when you go into psychotherapy…

    • << you are a hero when you grasp the moral of the story in a way that prevents it from happening again >>
  • 2:29:21 - slide

  • 2:29:47 - when something bad happens to you, you must take a journey into your domains of morality - often with psychedelic substances - john hopkins… 1 standard deviation higher in openness

  • 2:35:27 - slide, slide, slide, slide