Revise the Forum Categories

(Benjamin Lupton) #1

I’ve gotten feedback that the current forum categories are a bit much, I also consider them myself to still be inefficient.

Bevry currently operates 4 private wire groups:

  • Philosophy (setup before this forum was created)
  • Stakeholders (the leadership team of bevry)
  • Wealth (our daily standups and personal development chat to facilitate #praxis)
  • Canary Institute (a project that is still yet announced)

I want to see what can be done to migrate these discussions from private, to public here on the forum.

We won’t be able to do a complete migration, as wire is great for sensitive discussions which a lot of our philosophy members appreciate (due to the reasons stated in our #administration:meetings page).

To facilitate this, I have already:

  • Renamed Suggestions to Feedback
  • Deleted a few unused ones
  • Updated the descriptions of remaining ones to be clearer about what discussions go where.
  • Updated the visual display style of parent categories to better facilitate their particular subcategory content.

However, I’d also like to see discussions around:

  • A place for status updates of our members to better facilitate our daily standups for members enacting what is discussed in #praxis. This can probably go under #praxis as Standups.
  • A place for posting resources and guides, such as tutorials, etc. This can probably go under #praxis as Guides.
  • A place for each member to keep a blog. Perhaps this can be accomplished by an API that looks for all posts by a member and a #post tag. Rather than it being its own category.

Let me know your feedback and thoughts. As well as what privacy/notification settings you want for these discussions.