Welcome to the Bevry Discussion Forum!

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Welcome to the Bevry Discussion Forum!

Bevry is a cooperative dedicated to seeing everyone enabled to do what they love, share it with the world, and live well. You can learn more about Bevry at https://bevry.me

To accomplish this, we have identified three pillars that are necessary:

  • #philosophy to identify the best rules that life can be played by.

  • #projects to improve the rules that we play life by.

  • #praxis to assist each member in accomplishing their own self-actualisation.

You can make your way around the forum using the various categories, as well as tags. Both available in the top menu bar. For instance, #jbp is a tag for everything Jordan B Peterson related.

We also run weekly meetings where you can watch or participate with our live discussions. Details for that are at #administration:meetings and https://meet.bevry.me


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