Das Kapital - A Critique of Political Economy

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(Brandon) #1

Maybe it’s a bit out of sync for this forum, but I’ve been reading some classic leftist literature and there’s a lot to be learned from it, I think. Most interestingly I’ve been reading Das Kapital by Karl Marx, the boogeyman himself. I’m about 200 pages in right now, but don’t let that stop you, I’m happy to offer my opinions on the matter in a (most assuredly) incomplete capacity.

The most interesting part of the book so far, in my view, is that Marx is addressing economics from what you might call a hyper philosophical view. It almost reminds me of reading idealist philosophy (Marx was inspired by Hegel). The way he talks about commodities is almost metaphysical, in that things contain some “essence” which prescribes how they interact with the world. Commodities contain an essence of worker relations because of how they were produced. It’s different than most other analyses of economics, capitalism in particular, that I’ve read.

Anyway, if you’re interested in joining me in reading some contrarian literature and being outside your safe space, let me know :slight_smile: